As the weather turns (very slightly) cooler, I find my thoughts turning to making my home a cozy spot with the cliche trappings of the fall season. Pumpkins, leaves in rich shades of gold and red, and of course the squishy knits. Oh, and hot chocolate! Let’s not forget the best part of having cooler weather is curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and snuggling with someone you love.

A little knitted pumpkin made using Baah yarns from Jan Lewis' Autumn Pumpkins pattern (free on Ravelry)A few weeks back, my local yarn store Wollhaus had a pumpkin knitting workshop. I went along with a friend, picked out a kit with the brightest orange yarn they had (it’s Baah Yarns, possibly Sonoma, in the California Poppy colorway in case you’re wondering). The pattern we used is Autumn Pumpkins by Jan Lewis.

About the pattern

It’s a well-written pattern, with some fun techniques for an adventurous beginner to learn. Of course, being a knitting rebel, I made a few construction changes to my pumpkin. The main alteration was for the construction of the stem. In Jan’s pattern, she has you knit an i-cord and sew it on. Since the last few rounds of the main body were already being worked in the stem color, I simply cut a very long tail (about 1.5 yards) and knit the i-cord with that after cinching the top closed. Then I was able to thread the last bit of the tail back down into the stem and hide it in the stuffing. Bonus: no other ends to weave in, and it’s less likely to come loose over time.

A little knitted pumpkin made using Baah yarns from Jan Lewis' Autumn Pumpkins pattern (free on Ravelry). Knitted by Amber of MakingBakingCreating.comDon’t worry too much about your gauge with this project. It is after all just a pumpkin. If your fabric is working up a little looser than you’d like, simply stuff it a bit less to avoid having the stuffing show through. And if you make a mistake, it’s still just a pumpkin.

A diabolical follow-up plan

After the workshop, I picked out some black sparkle yarn to make myself a Halloween pumpkin. In case, you’re wondering, this one will be made out of black Berroco Flicker for a glam (yet spooky) bit of squish. Once I get around to making it, you can be sure some pictures will pop up on Instagram or Facebook (or most likely both).

I hope you try out this fun little pattern and share your projects in the comments.

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