If you’re hosting a Halloween party, these invitations might come in handy. Print them out for free at home, then hand them out to the ghouls you know.

I love Halloween, and I love hosting parties. Our current home is a little small to fit a group of people in, so I spend a fair amount of time simply planning the parties I would have if there were more space. There’s also a part of me that just loves the planning of things. I get a huge thrill in creating imaginary scenarios and planning out all of the details. Actually, that might explain a vast number of my Pinterest boards (Rock and Roll Wedding, anyone?) and at least part of my deep love for Trello. I’ll come back to that last one in a future post, promise!

Back to Halloween parties… October is my favorite month, and what better way to celebrate than to have a party? Any good party deserves a fantastic invitation to set the stage for the fun time you’ve got planned for your guests. So while planning out this year’s imaginary Halloween party, I came across some wonderful (and FREE!) invitations you can print at home for your own party.

Cute and classy Halloween party invitations to DIY and craft yourself. Curated by MakingBakingCreating.com

First up we have 3 options from Yellow Bliss Road. I think my favorite design is this adorably simple spider invite.

Free printable Halloween party invitations to set the tone for your spooky bash.


Lia Griffith has designed an adorable invitation (with a matching envelope liner!) that is perfect for an all-ages event. How cute is that kitty?

Designed by Lia Griffith


If either ghosts or monsters are more your thing, Hello Lucky has you covered. I’m quite partial to these ghosts and would consider adding a little glow-in-the-dark paint to one of the little guys for a fun personalization.

Ghost halloween party invitation designed by Hello Lucky.


Giggles Galore has two witchy choices for you. If you’re hosting a costume party, this is the one you’ve been looking for!

Two witchy invitations from Giggles Galore.


This “bag of bones” from Mr. Printables will take some time to assemble, but I think the finished invite is well worth the effort.

bag of bones halloween party invitations by Mr Printables


For more Halloween party inspiration, check out these ideas. You will find recipes, decor, and all the little touches to help make your party a success. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for even more party goodness!

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