Create a creepy display of DIY Apothecary jars for your Halloween decor.

It’s not hoarding if you have a plan for the thing you’ve saved from the trash, right? Please agree with me on this one so I can prove to my husband that this is normal (just kidding)! I really do have a little collection of bottles and jars I’ve been saving though, intending to create a creepy apothecary display. Like so many other projects, I need to find the time to do it. Since Halloween is almost here, I’ve rounded up another idea for your Halloween decor. Below is an assortment of free printable labels to use to create your own display.

Add some paint, dripped wax to seal the bottles, and some of these labels, and you’ll have a creepy collection just perfect for your fiendish plans.  You could also fill the containers with some colored water, sand or other props to really pull off the scene.

A collection of DIY apothecary labels curated by

What you’ll need:

  • Empty containers – grab those glass jars, wine bottles, empty cans… Whatever could possibly be used to hold some creepy concoction.
  • Fillers for your containers (unless you plan to paint them)
  • Paint
  • Sticker paper or regular printer paper and mod podge
  • Label files (check below for my favorite free options)

What to do:

There are so many options for how to create your collection. First, decide on your theme. Is this an “abandoned” collection found in some dilapidated institution? Are your bottles going to be dusty and old? Is this a creepy, but carefully maintained assortment found in the lab of some intense mad scientist? Are the bottles clean and the contents clearly marked? Once you’ve decided on how you want the finished display to look, you will be able to proceed.

Pick out your favorite labels and print them. I like using sticker paper to save a step, but you can also print them onto regular paper and glue them in place. If you’re going for an aged look you can stain the paper with coffee or tea and let it dry prior to printing. Trim your printed labels and set aside.

If you will be altering or aging your containers, go ahead and get your base coat of paint on them. You can apply your labels at any point, and add ink or stain to them to give them a well-worn look. If you have not painted your containers, fill them with assorted colors of liquid, or dry goods to represent what you’ve labeled them as.

Free label templates:

Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. has some sophisticated treat labels that would be great for a Halloween candy buffet

Amanda of The Kolb Corner wrote a great tutorial post that includes a free printable label set.

Itsy Bitsy Fun has a set of 6 bottle labels with an already aged look to save you a step.

At Facci Designs you will find a bumper collection of vintage-inspired labels.

Lastly, over at World Label we’ve got a collection by the talented Lia Griffith. This has got to be my very favorite set of the lot, and the ones I plan to use for my display.

Just have fun with this, and create a one-of-a-kind display for your home or party. Tag me on Instagram @makingbakingcreating if you post your display!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my apothecary bottles!

    Posted on October 13, 2016 at 9:23 pm